Report a Sighting

Reporting a sighting of our three species at risk can help us identify new areas where these birds may be breeding! You can use our Field Guide to help you identify our birds and their habitats. If you happen to find a Canada Warbler (between May 20-July 20), Olive-sided Flycatcher (between May 20-July 20), or Rusty Blackbird (between April 24-June 30) in Nova Scotia, please submit your observation(s) in one of the following ways:

(1) If you have an eBird account, you can share your eBird checklist with us – our username is LandbirdSAR. Please see our eBird Instructions for more details.
(2) Email: Send your observations in an email message to

When submitting your observations, please include:

  1. Details (for each bird or pair):
    a. Location (Lat/Long or UTMs) or use a Stationary checklist on ebird
    b. Distance and Direction to the bird (if more than 15m away)
    c. Optional: Other notes about the location, birds or habitat
  2. Age & Sex information
  3. Breeding Code (singing male, pair, courtship, nest-building, agitated, carrying food, feeding young, nest, fledged young, etc.)
  4. Media: habitat photos (four, one facing in each direction)
    Optional: photos or audio recordings of the birds

Note that at the very least we need the species name and location of the bird(s) (coordinates in lat/long or UTM).

Thank you for volunteering with us! If you have any questions, please email us at