Guide for Volunteers

The Guide For Volunteers [pdf 3.11 MB] is a reference manual for participants. After a brief overview of project goals and objectives, the Guide provides general information for all participants and then detailed instructions for participation at each of the three Survey Levels. Included are checklists of materials needed for each type of survey, instructions for conducting the surveys and filling out datasheets, and examples of completed datasheets.

All volunteers should read pages 4-11 (but Level 1 volunteers can skip the sections that pertain to both Levels 2 and 3, as indicated in the guide).

Then please read the parts of the Guide that pertain to your chosen Survey Level:

Level 1 (Casual Observations): pages 12-14

Level 2 (Listening Period and Playback surveys): pages 15-18

Level 3 (Point Count and Playback Surveys): pages 19-25


If you have any questions, please email us at